Suzi and Eva downtown Munich

Suzi and Eva admiring downtown Munich nine years ago.

With Suzi joining us on day one, flying in from Belize, we expect to do Germany this time from bottom to top , while squeezing in Liechtenstein and Denmark as well visiting some of Suzi’s traveling friends she met here and there around the world. The impetus for the trip is to attend the wedding of Suzi’s cousin and newly minted architect, Gregor, in Hamburg toward the end of July. He and bride Bettina were our house guests one Christmas a few years ago in Santa Rosa and both left fine impressions upon all of us. So let us cast whatever blessings we can muster upon this happy union.

Our plane lands us in Munich in southern Germany, about as far from Hamburg as one can get in this tall country. What is one to do? Libraries of tour books tell us of Hofbrau houses and mad King Ludwig’s fairytale castles, but we’ll have little or none of that. No, it’s time to eek out the less traveled ways and find our own pleasures. However, these stories must wait their turn. They haven’t happened yet.