While on a walk around historic Brunswick with my Ipad for a couple of hours in threatening rain, I came upon these scenes of a right typical New England college town. This was the first time I had used an iPad as a camera outside the home so that was an experience in its own right. The iPad was in no way convenient to carry, hold, focus, compose or keep dry in the drizzle but the town itself had such character that it alone kept me humored.

I started from my daughter’s house, snapping away as I walked the few blocks to town and back. Without a map for a guide, I certainly didn’t capture all that the town offered, such as the campus of Bowdoin College, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s house, the Admiral Peary Arctic Museum, or even the mighty Androscoggin River and its great falls right at the edge of downtown.

There are too many photos to send out in one post so I’ll loosely organize them into five themes, starting from the neighborhood and looping through town, putting all the various houses I snapped along the way into this first post. I’ll follow in the next posts with downtown scenes, flowers and trees, signs, and a final catch-all for the miscellaneous subjects.

Note: click on any image to start a slide show.