Our Eagle has landed – not on the moon but rather in Amsterdam. imageWhat a great airport. So nicely designed for eye appeal and so many shops in good taste, without front doors so access is without any hindrance. The Dutch were always great merchants in the past and it’s still their talent today.

We checked out their chocolates and cigars but didn’t bite despite the temptation. We were on the way to Germany and the great city of Munich for our real travel fix so we kept our focus.
Soon we were inside Munich’s techno terminal enjoying sausages and rolls for a midday snack, while most others around us were having their first Bavarian beer, the real reason many folks visit this region. Minutes later we were on the fast train directly to the heart of Munich and within walking distance to our modest hotel, our home for the coming week. Of course it had to rain the whole way we trudged with our luggage through narrow city streets.

After a short nap, after being essentially awake for the past 26 hours, we were off by foot to see the town. Then it started to rain again so the going was a bit iffy once more. So very, very nice this big southern city, jammed with folks out and about until we called it a day at 9:00 while still quite light at this northern latitude.
Our little hotel was not set up for wifi in our room so we made our first Internet connection at the convenient downtown Apple store. Jammed like all their other stores, we found amazingly helpful assistance in getting a few technical matters taken care of. Then we sat down at the bottom of the winding glass stairway to the upper floor along with quite a few other folks and connected to their wifi so we could send out a few urgent emails. What a great home away from home is this Apple store. Others might find Starbucks to serve a similar need. They, too, have free Internet, a scarce commodity on the European continent.