For quite some time, everything went well. My
Air France jet took off from San Francisco on time, I had a nice aisle seat near the snack bar, and my seat mate was an interesting, talkative Stanford economics professor now stationed in Paris with a new French wife.

Like lots of French women, the Charles De Gaul airport is a knock-out. Here’s the waiting room.

Charles de Gaulle Terminal

Charles de Gaulle Terminal

Sailing briskly through calm skies, I arrived on time in Munich and met up with my perpetual traveling daughter, Suzi, as planned, she having just dropped down from a weeks stay in Iceland. We got our rapid train tickets for the 20 mile ride into Munich and headed down the long flight of stairs to the platform. Luck was with us. A train was waiting and all we had to do was press the green button on the door and we were inside. The train left the station immediately and we stashed our gear and found seats. But a couple of stops later Suzi discovered that we were on the wrong train. There were two lines and in our haste to get aboard we forgot the details.

Option one was to get off and head back to the airport. Option two was to stay aboard and eventually, after a circuitous trip around the east side of Munich, end at the main train station. The other train would have taken us near to our west-side hotel.

Off the train in the mammoth downtown station we went and down long corridors to a subway. Down a long stairwell to the tracks. Oops, down the wrong stairs. Subway heading the wrong direction. Up we go, a ton of gear attached to us one way or another. Down again to the right track.

Off the subway and up a long flight of stairs to the tram. Dark as hades as we alight at street level. No idea where the tram is. Finely find our way and take the correct tram. We alight right at our hostel and check in, lightheaded after 24 hours without sleep.

Hostel International - Munich

Hostel International – Munich

An eleven hour snooze fixed all ills and we started the day with a fine German breakfast and were on our way to many an adventure.