In Prague – where tourists outnumber air molecules, there’s a definite need for souvenirs, especially real ones. Here’s the place to go!

Authentic souvenirs

Authentic souvenirs

If you want to meet up somewhere with a friend to show off your new authentic treasures you can meet at the Meeting Point on Wenceslas Square.


Perhaps you are hungry and want some beef.

Beef Bar

Beef Bar

Or maybe a big Mac on Wenceslas Square.



Oops. Wrong place. Maybe over here on the other side we can find a Big Mac and a nice tablety with WiFi.



Americans may prefer KFC, which is over this way.

KFC this way

KFC this way

If all you want is an occasional beer then try out the Prague Saturday Saunterers.

Prague Saturday Saunterers

Prague Saturday Saunterers

Or try the specialty – pork knee roasted in dark beer.

Pork knee in beer

Pork knee in beer

All I need right now is a coffee.

Coffee House

Coffee House

Cut O Joe with unrefined sugar

Cup O Joe with unrefined sugar

After a good coffee, who can resist sneaking a bit of absinth?

Absinth for a bit of euphoria

Absinth for a bit of euphoria

If these aren’t for you then maybe try one of these.


If cola is your taste, then by all means try an air conditioned Coca Cola.

Who wants AC in the dead of winter?

Who wants AC in the dead of winter?

Maybe it’s time for a cigarety.


As a foreinger, I’d better get some money exchanged. I sense some expensive indulgences coming on.

img_0117-copy img_0271-copy img_0182-copy img_0183-copy

Prague is a safe place, trust me. There are gun free zones around. And hate free zones, too.

img_0202-copy img_0077-copy

However, this park bench quotation leaves me in a quandary, especially for these days we are in.


Maybe it’s time to buy some music sheets and play some cheery tunes.


Maybe some day we’ll again be giving folks a thumb’s up.


Here’s a famous wall where you can express yourself without fear.

Don't Trump yourself

Don’t Trump yourself

Bridges, not fences

Bridges, not walls

Avoid snakes in the grass.


Let’s see if we can simplify life a little bit.


Get a haircut and feel renewed.


And tone down your voice. Some folks around you may prefer that.


Then cross the Charles Bridge, lay your hand on a chosen spot and make a good, positive wish for human kind.